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Impatient Squirrel (also known as Swift Squirrel) is one of the hunters in the Tribe. He is rather vain about his hunting skills and can be rude, such as when he insulted Restful Rock, who challenged him to a series of contests (which Restful Rock had actually intended to lose).

But Yakari and Buffalo Seed, wanting to teach the hunter a lesson, helped Restful Rock without him knowing to win all the challenges, deflating Impatient Squirrel's ego. Restful Rock cheered the young hunter up by complimenting his bravery and tenacity, and Impatient Squirrel gladly agreed to teach Yakari to fish.

On another occasion (where he was referred o as Swift Squirrel), he and tribe witnessed a falling star. Yakari and Buffalo Seed volunteered to find it, but Swift Squirrel declared only a hunter like could be entrusted with such a task. He followed two young boys to the site where the star had fallen and almost fell sunk into the unstable soil but was saved by Yakari, who had found the star while saving a coyote pup.

Swift Squirrel admitted to the Tribe how Yakari saved his life and complimented the two yong boys. Seeing he'd learned a lesson in humility, Restful Rock gave Swift Squirrel a fallen star he had found a long time ago, a gift Swift Squirrel accepted with honor.