Yakari Wiki

The following is a list of episodes from the 2005 adaptation of Yakari.

Season 1[]

  1. Yakari and Great Eagle; Yakari and Little Thunder
  2. First Gallop; Yakari in the Land of the Wolves
  3. Lords of the Plains; The Stranger
  4. Flight of the Crows; The Devil in the Woods
  5. The Raging Sky; The River of Sorrow
  6. White Fleece; The Cloud Blower
  7. The Lake Monster; Revenge of the Wolverine
  8. Yakari Visits the Beavers; Yakari and the Grizzly
  9. Stuck on an Island; The Wall of Fire
  10. Yakari and the Coyote; The Great Burrow
  11. Yakari and the Condor; A Coyote with No Name
  12. The Mystery of the Cliff Face; Little Thunder's Secret
  13. Rainbow the Snake; Yakari and the Ghost Bear
  14. The Unknown Fisherman; The Talking Oak
  15. The Strange Pony; The Flying Thief
  16. The Singing Branch; The Spirit Mask
  17. Like the Wind; The Sacred Stone
  18. Friends for Life; The Lost Flute
  19. The Moon Spirit; A Promise is a Promise
  20. Yakari and the Angry Bear; The Incredible Rescue
  21. Cringing Wolf; White Fur
  22. The Sleepwalker; Mysterious Eyes
  23. The Old Buffalo; Son of the Eagle
  24. The Big Mustang; The Red Arrow

Season 2[]

  1. The Bear's Claw; Father and Son
  2. The Little Piece of Star; Tracking the Thieves
  3. The Crow's Song; The Roar of the Thunder Bird
  4. Restful Rock's Ride; The Tribe's Gift
  5. Saving the Nest; Yakari and the Newborn
  6. Rainbow's Sacrifice; Moon Spirit's Last Journey
  7. Hunting for Clay; The Buffalo's Horn
  8. The Sun Seeds; The Buffalo's Tracks
  9. The Cristal, the Scale and the Feather; The Dream Catcher
  10. Linden is Not a Baby; Between Dog and Wolf
  11. The Snake's Eggs; The Pelican and the Fishers
  12. The Big Nest; The Giant's Footprint
  13. The Eye of the Lynx; The Rays of Light