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Proudest Cloud is a Sioux hunter and a character in the 2005 TV series. He has clashed a few times with Yakari. He is known for hunting more than necessary, and for his arrogant behavior. He ran afoul of Elder Dreaming Bear, who broke the hunter's bow when Proudest Cloud pushed Yakari down.


Proudest Cloud demanded Dreaming Bear be punished by the law of the Red Arrow: A red arrow is shot into the forest, and the offender cannot return to the tribe until he has found the red arrow. Dreaming Bear accepts the challenge, but Proudest Cloud intentionally shoots the red arrow towards the sun, so Dreaming Bear isn't able to see where it went.

Yakari taught the hunter a lesson with the help of the animals, while the magpies found the red arrow for Dreaming Bear, allowing him to return to the tribe.

One day, Reckless Crow returned from a hunting trip, bearing a bear-claw talisman, said to imbue the wearer with courage. Proudest Cloud asked Reckless Crow to lend him the talisman to restore his own courage and hunting spirit, but Reckless Crow would not, as it was his and not Proudest Cloud's.

So the disgruntled hunter went off to hunt a bear and get his own, and declared the Sioux to no longer be his tribe.

He besought the Great Spirit to send him a vision of a bear, but silence was his only answer. Yakari approached Proudest Cloud to try and reason with him, but the hunter declared he would kill the first bear he comes across, ignoring Yakari's words that a hunter never hunts out of vengeance

Proudest Cloud fled on his horse and managed to lose Yakari over a rocky ledge. He found a bear trail and came upon the bear feeding on berries, but Yakari arrived in time to stand in the way of his arrow, followed by the bear's two cubs. Yakari managed to convince Proudest Cloud that to kill a mother and leave her children orphaned was beneath him.

Suddenly, a cougar attacked and almost killed Yakari. With one shot, Proudest Cloud killed the wild cat, saving the young Sioux.

While he had not gotten a bear-claw talisman, Proudest Cloud had proven himself worthy of a cougar-claw talisman by acting to save Yakari. Proudest Cloud returned to his tribe, and congratulated by Reckless Crow for his deed, while Proudest Cloud praised Yakari for teaching him a great lesson.


  • In his second appearance, Proudest Cloud is called Cloud Full of Pride.