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Restful Wolf (once known as Restless/Raging Wolf) is a Hunter in the Sioux and the most knowledgeable of wolves. Once he was confronted by a wolf and the attack scarred him in body and soul while he had injured the wolf so that its rear leg became useless, and named him Three Legs.

The scar on his body healed, but the scar on his mind never did as he became obsessed with revenge. But Yakari, after meeting Three Legs and his pack, taught Restless Wolf that wolves only wanted respect and Three Legs had only attacked because the hunter got too close to his pack. Yakari convinced Restless Wolf to let go of his rage and to show the wolves respect.

The act changed the hunter and he changed his name ot Restful Wolf instead, with greater understanding and respect for the wolves.

He observed a wolf Yakari named Cringing Wolf, as the young Sioux trained the wolf to be stronger and braver, but Restful Wolf confronted them both, stating the pack would not accept Cringing Wolf back unless he found himself a mate and could care for her.